CALL FOR ESSAY : Book Of Essays In Islamic Economy from The UK forIndonesia

01 April 2017

In 2016, Thomson Reuters produced a report called as The State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/2017, which provides the latest developments in Islamic Economy and the areas that can be developed further. Examining developments in 73 countries and 7 sectors, the result shows that Indonesia is located as number 10 for the Global Islamic Economy Indicator Score. This score is an index from 7 sectors: halal food, halal travel, modest fashion, halal media & recreation, halal pharmaceutical, halal cosmetic, and islamic finance. Regarded as the most populous muslim country, Indonesia is number 9 in terms of Islamic finance sector, number 8 as for the Halal pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector, and Indonesia does not belong to Top 10 in the five other sectors. Having said that, there is an insight that there is still wide opportunities for Indonesia to develop the Islamic Economy sectors. Considering there are numerous scholars and students studying Islamic economics and finance, it is expected that there will be many contributions in order to expand this sector. Considering that, we invite 45 essays to be submitted with criteria (see the submission form).

Who can contribute?
→ student (undergraduate, masters, doctoral degree), lecturer, practitioner, and anyone living in the UK

– 1st of April – 15th May → submission
– 16th of May – 15th of June → review the essays
– 16th of June → announcement

Contact person : sekretariat@mes-uk.org